Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture

Located on 10 acres of open land far into the desert near the town of Joshua Tree, California, the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture contains over one hundred works of art - large scale “junk” assemblages, environmental sculptures, and installation art that is slowly decaying. This is one of Mojave’s great art historical wonders. Somewhere between a junk yard and a sculpture park.

Autonomy and Freedom in the American South West; Touring A-Z West

A-Z West started as a 5 acre landholding outside the town of Joshua Tree, that has now expanded to 70 acres in a conscious effort to maintain the compound’s physical isolation. Artist Andrea Zittel, who returned to her ancestral land to exist outside the confines of the established art community, has turned the original jackrabbit homestead cabin into an art project that explores simplistic living devoid of superfluous comforts. It is elegant and minimal yet extravagant and particular.

The Optical Illusions of Desert X

The Desert X outdoor art biennale returned for a second instalment in spring 2019, continuing the tradition of using the desert as a canvas for creative intervention. 

Colourful and provocative installations are positioned throughout the Coachella Valley, from Palm Springs in the west to the Salton Sea in the east, where they exist in extraordinary juxtaposition with the arid desert landscape. 

The Floating Piers of Lake Iseo

In June 2016, artist couple Christo and Jeanne Claude installed 70,000 square metres of yellow floating piers between three island in Italy’s Lake Iseo.

Previously disconnected, the floating dock system created temporary walkable links between the three islands of Sulzano, Monte Isola and San Paolo, changing the physical relationship between the islands as well as our perception of distance and space.

Smoking, Stinking, Otherworldly Iceland

With a population of only 350,000 spread over 100,000 square kilometres, Iceland is a place where nature dominates.

During a few days road tripping its southwestern corner, I was immersed in the strangeness of this peculiar island; hot smoking fields, bubbling sulphur smelling streams, black beaches and technicolour rock formations. I felt modesty and humility before it’s magic. It’s the kind of place that makes one contemplate the insignificance of mankind.

Something's Brewing in Detroit

In 2013, at the time Detroit filed for bankruptcy, I traveled to the city to talk to some of the key actors that are instigating change, either through small scale grass roots incentives, or through large scale development projects. A general lack of governance has given birth to a myriad of self-regulating structures. This is a place where residents have taken matters into their own hands and where you as a citizen can help shape the future of one of America’s great iconic cities. This do-it-yourself culture is a small but steady force that is rebuilding Detroit neighbourhood by neighbourhood and that in the long run could have the capacity to change the future trajectory of the city.

The Heidelberg Project - Protesting the Decline of East Detroit

Tyree Guyton‘s open air art project on Detroit’s East side started as he began decorating the empty homes in his neighbourhood with colourful dots and found objects collected in the vicinity. The houses became giant art sculptures and soon the entire environment surrounding the buildings were incorporated in the project. Clocks, shopping trolleys and teddy bears hang off tree trunks and sidewalks are covered with children’s paintings. The projects depicted here include the Dotty Wotty House, the Numbers House, the House of Soul and the Party Animal House.